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 Valerie   Stroud, Master ~of~ Ilumination

*Empowerment Life Purpose Coach

*Esoteric, Kundalini, & Shamanic  Energy Healer

*Spiritual Enlightenment Advisor ,  Psychic/Prophecy

*Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Empath


         Beautiful bright light in this world to shine and embrace my wings to honor the light within that INSPIRES others to find the light within themselves      


   As a Highly Effective Influential Leader, I invest in those who want to grow, take responsibility to change their lives for the better​, and

duplicate the same to others.

In our world today, our generation is experiencing more and more of outside influences that are often not recognized such as depression,

anxiety, panic attacks, dysfunctional issues, mood swings etc that

plays a MAJOR role in emotional, mental, and physical overall health. Often times prescribed medications are not necessarily needed for relief and treatments that are in, my opinion, only a temporary treating the symptom and not treating the "root cause". Our world needs to take our OWN power, initiative, and seek alternative solutions for our Emotional, Mental, and Physical Well-Being.

"When the student  IS ready the teacher WILL appear"


Divine Soul Passion/Soul Life Mission

My innate navigational abilities allows me to lead, aide others, and set the example how to live positively through my experiences, knowledge, and inner-wisdom to those that need direction and leadership. I investment in individuals who sincerely want to grow and take responsibility to change their lives for the better!



     *CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocate for under privileged youth  

     *Mission Solano- Advocate for homeless clients

    ​*Grief Group Support- ​ Providing grief aide support



                               ​                     ~~Testimonials~~

I highly recommend Valerie for any business. Her company Hope Vision Empowerment's objective is to offer people hope, allow them to create a vision for their lives, and to empower them to make their visions come true and that's exactly what she does. Valerie has been truly gifted as a healer to heal, inspire, and push people into their purpose. She will be a great asset to anyone who utilizes her services!!"

Valerie is an excellent coach/mentor who is a awesome communicator with great leadership skills. She is exceptional in working in her passion with Adults and Youth; I worked with Valerie for over 3 years and she has always exceeded expectations. She is a great ASSET!!

B. Bennett

I met Valerie from a friend that had referred her to me. Boy she was such a nice warm and kind person. She helped me with my business ideas and development that I needed help with. Thanks so much Valerie you're GREAT! 

 M. Jones

Valerie has great leadership abilities she helped take my personal development to the next level. I am so grateful. Thanks Valerie I highly recommend you! 

 B. Young

Valerie has been a positive impact upon my life and inspired a redirection of my life's values. She is an individual with wonderful inspiration, guidance, and intellect. Her warm personality, genuine gift of empathy for the less fortune, and her background in helping others makes her the type of individual professional organizations would benefit from having her on their staff of counselors.

J. Dorsey

A Close friend of a friend, whom i didn't know, had stage 4 cancer she was bedridden, could barely walk, and was very weak. I used my anointed gift of Esoteric healing (metaphysically)and she had tremendous results!! Her husband couldn't believe what he was seeing she got in her car and drove her children to school(she hadn't driven in months!!)her pain left her body and she felt the HEALING POWER!!

I met a lady sometime ago she and I hit it off and were really engaging in a great conversation when i begin to share with her of my healing abilities. She had problems with her lower leg hurting for a long time the Dr's found nothing wrong through x-rays. I touched her leg the next day she called me and was so astonished of not having anymore pain! She was able to walk-her husband got on the phone and confirmed that his wife woke up with barley any pain and thanked me. I told them it was my hand but the power of God that worked through me!

A young lady I know who was diagnosed with breast cancer needed prayer/support. I was able to use my healing abilities to do (esoteric Metaphysical)without her being present later she informed me that she felt my "presence" her surgery turned out well-she did not have any cancer in her lymph notes like the Dr thought she just had to have radiology treatments without chemotherapy. Her spirits are lifted and is now closer to God!!


*Personal Development

*Business Development

*Building Relationships

*Life Purpose/Mission

*Goal Achievement




*Stress Management

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*Elevating Levels of Consciousness



*Distant Energy/Soul Healing

No Distance to FAR

* Intuitive Channeled Readings

Hear from departed loved ones

*Restoring Energy Balances for

Overall Wellness

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit

*Chakra Clearing

Balancing All Chakra's

* Law of Attraction

Manifesting your realities




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                          Honored  &  Featured In:

~~ iLoveWellBEing ~~

Established in 2011,  WellBEing Resource is a complimentary print & online directory for our local community, featuring natural health & wellness practitioners, related businesses, awesome eateries, articles, related events throughout the Greater Sacramento Region, plus self care ideas, techniques, & recipes to experiment with in the comfort of your own

~~ ALIGNABLE ~~ is a free network where small business owners build trusted relationships, generate referrals, and increase word of mouth for their business.



"Highly Recommended"

Tribute   &    Honor 

to a 

Inspirational  Musial  Legend


All Time



Maurice                  White

  Founder of

      Earth  Wind  &  Fire

      December 19, 1941-2016

​​Maurice White was a gifted and honorable Inspirational Legend of all time. He has genuinely used his musical gifts to "shine his light" with his amazing uplifting and inspirational songs for over 4 decades.

  Maurice says "Earth Wind & Fire's music is a message of healing through hope and love is more important than ever to touch the world- You  need to get in touch with your consciousness, you need to develop a better sense of self move away from the mass to the individual, reclaim brotherhood, and hope for peace".

That's my Mission "be the torch bearer of Inspiration" and continue Maurice's mission.....

"We can touch the world and meet them at their needs

We can touch them where they are-Help Them to Believe

You're a shining star

Shining Bright to

see Who you can

TRULY    BE"     

Maurice   You



L    I   G   H    T


IMPACTED        THE         WORLD

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